Edoardo Marraffa: tenor and sopranino sax

CD – 15 tracks – 45:45 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released on October 2018

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01. Gentilezze – 04:33
02. Astolfo sulla luna – 04:17
03. Rodomonte – 03:50
04. Figurati! – 01:16
05. Fantasmi di Nadia – 04:11
06. Franco e Giorgio – 02:15
07. Alice 03:07 –
08. Red Carpet – 03:17
09. Scendo – 01:50
10. Mura sonanti – 03:47
11. Staccati stàccati lèvati – 01:29
12. Non credo – 02:38
13. Golden square – 02:19
14. Diciotto – 03:10
15. La gran follia – 03:39


All Tracks composed by Edoardo Marraffa, track 12 by E. Marraffa, L. Mosso, M. Sabatini.

Recorded by Andrea Caprara at La Mura San Carlo, San Lazzaro Di Savena (Bo) on 10/03/2018
Mixed by Andrea Caprara
mastered by Alessandro Maffei

Photos by Chiara Tebaldi
Artwork and layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Edoardo Marraffa and Aut Records in 2018
Thanks to: Elena Maestrini and Fragolone co-housing.


If I write and define something, it’s just because I can use it while improvising – something that helps me keep the train of thoughts clear and precise.

Some of these pieces are old, some others are very recent. Many of them have been devised to be played with my bands. But here they have been turned upside-down, so they could fit the way I use to play alone. They should always be turned upside-down, actually, even when they are played with other musicians.

Some compositions are inspired by Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso”. I wanted to figure out how it would be like swearing and cursing from the dead, singing on a 500-years old Moon, going nuts and tearing off your clothes in the middle of the woods because of a woman.

There are modest homages to noble saxophone players; dedications to women – the crazy ones as well as the charming ones; colleagues I had a great time with; strange behaviours and attitudes I don’t understand; my daughter Alice, to whom I dedicated my oldest composition, performed in so many situations and with many bands over about eighteen years.

Eighteen (Diciotto) years ago I also recorded my first solo album, and this is the second one. (E.M)

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