Carlo Maria Nartoni: piano
Danilo Gallo: double bass
Filippo Sala: drums and percussion

CD and Digital Download – 2 tracks – 60 minutes
Edition of 300 copies

Released in January 2023

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01. Part I 28:41
02. Part II 31:13

Total time: 60:00


Recorded by Vins De Leo on 5 February 2021 at CMN – Centro Musiche Nuove (Co)

Mixed and Mastered by Vins De Leo at Crossroad Recording Studio, Milano

Artwork and graphics by Marco Maldarella

Produced by Carlo Maria Nartoni and Aut Records


The trio’s proposal is based on free improvisations. They happily combine musical aspects that may seem in sharp contrast between themselves, but this ends up merging in a delicate alchemy made up of mutual listening and interplay.
 Varied themes, simple melodies, unusually rhymed harmonies, moments of pure improvisation, and rock fragments from the latest decades, where musicians usually exchange roles, are just a few of the characteristics of a group that considers the jazz language as a starting point for a deep artistic and inner research.

Ellittica is a spontaneous flow of completely improvised music.
Improvising from nothing in a trio is a game of invisible inner and outer dynamics, of unveiling and consequent self-awareness in relation to the other. Everything has to do with Relation.
When this happens naturally, and freely, it brings us closer to our essence – the truest and purest part of our being. For a moment we experience a privileged state in which we feel as if we were suspended, ‘out of time’. (CMN)

” At Carlo Maria Nartoni’s fingertips, a piano ceases to exist as just an instrument, it seems to disintegrate and take on multiple, infinite and dazzling qualities. “
Arrigo Cappelletti

” His talent is strong and his music generous, open, courageous. “
Il Manifesto – Mario Gamba (Alias)

” Among the young pianists who have played with my group, I have a vivid and precise memory of the natural talent of Nartoni who is gifted with an original and personal approach to pieces, enriching them, whether he is accompanying or is improvising in his tasteful, wonderful and elegant manner. “
Franco Ambrosetti

” Nartoni’s touch is lyrical, full of history that draws as much from jazz as from classical music. “
Alceste Ayroldi (Musica Jazz)

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