What’s New?


Federico Califano: alto Sax
Francesco Tino: bass
Alessandro Marzano: drums

CD and Digital Download – 6 tracks – 34:45
Edition of 200 copies

Released in March 2024

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01.What’s New? (B.Haggart) 05:37
02.The Folks Who Live on the Hill (J. Kern) 05:34
03.Naima (J. Coltrane) 08:14
04.If I Should Lose You (R. Rainger) 04:53
05.Gloria’s Step (S. Lafaro) 06:37
06.Dear Fonzo (F. Califano) 03:36

Total time: 34.45



Recorded and Mixed by Francesco Ponticelli at “Cicaleto Recording Studio” in Arezzo on 03/04 11-2023
Mastered by Francesco Ponticelli at “Cicaleto Recording Studio” in Arezzo

Graphics and Layout by Davide Lorenzon with original artwork by John Auldjo (1833)

Produced by Califano, Tino, Marzano, and Aut Records


In the realm of jazz, where tradition and innovation perpetually intertwine, the album “What’s New?” by the trio Califano, Tino, Marzano emerges as a refreshing exploration of this dynamic. Comprising the talents of Califano on alto sax, Tino on bass, and Marzano on drums, this ensemble embarks on a journey through the canon of jazz standards, with a twist. The album distinguishes itself by including all but one piece as standards, alongside an original composition by Califano, showcasing not only their reverence for the genre’s history but also their intent to contribute to its evolution.
The title “What’s New?” serves as both an inquiry and a statement, posing a question to the listener while simultaneously answering it through the trio’s innovative interpretations. Califano, Tino, and Marzano do not merely perform the standards; they reimagine them, infusing each piece with a unique blend of creativity and spontaneity. This approach breathes new life into familiar compositions, inviting audiences to experience these classics through a contemporary lens.
The trio’s chemistry is palpable, with each member contributing to a cohesive sound that is both respectful of the past and eager to explore new possibilities.

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