Roger Rota: soprano sax, compositions, arrangements
Eloisa Manera: violin
Francesco Chiapperini: alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Andrea Ferrari: baritone sax, bass clarinet
Andrea Baronchelli: trombone
Alberto Zanini: guitar
Roberto Frassini Moneta: bass
Filippo Sala: drums

CD – 11 tracks – 59 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released in November 2018

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01. Cordes – 03:22
02. Nine – 05:21
03. Star – 06:17
04. Two – 04:05
05. Inda Trio – 04:22
06. For Be Ach – 05:00
07. Ten – 04:30
08. Eleven – 06:05
09. LiturgicLale – 06:58
10. Cose Preziose – 05:38
11. Gidambaa – 06:22


Recorded by Diego Bergamini at Reparto Elettroacustica Ardesio (Bg)
on 20 May 2018
Mixed and mastered by Paolo P.Lyon Pelandi and Roger Rota at La SALETTA Studios Bergamo in June 2018
Artwork and layout by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced by Roger Rota and Aut Records in 2018


Roger Rota’s album is a stunning melange of lively compositions and improvisational skills that we would situate in the realm of contemporary jazz. If these two elements, composition and improvisation, are a constant presence in this kind of music, with different contribution from time to time, here we are definitely leaning towards the first of the two elements.

Roger’s music for this large ensemble is full of lively elements: intricate rhythm patterns, intrepid melodies, fast themes and a certain taste for cheerfulness that inspire the whole album even in the more meditative pieces.

The octet is made up of some of the most interesting Italian musicians representing the “new wave” of avant-jazz and two among them are well known names to the Aut’s audience with their own projects: violinist Eloisa Manera and saxophinist/clarinetist Francesco Chiapperini.

The album is composed of eleven pieces for an hour of music and the cd is accompanied by the catchy graphics made by Nicola Guazzaloca.

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