Different Constellation


Ermanno Baron: drums, objects
Gino Maria Boschi: electric guitar, prepared acoustic guitar, m’bira
Marco Bonini: laptop, live electronics
Ludovica Manzo: voice, effects

CD – 6 tracks – 36:08 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released in October 2019



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01. Formula – 07:25
02. Nebula Nitida – 04:10
03. Human’s Dilemma – 07:41
04. Tomorrow – 06:29
05. Implantable Memories – 06:28
06. Simula – 03:55

Total time: 36:08


Tracks composed and improvised by Ermanno Baron, Gino Maria Boschi, Marco Bonini, Ludovica Manzo

Words by Ludovica Manzo except track 2 by T.S. Eliot, excerpted from “little Gidding” and track 4 by Raymond Carver, excerpted from poem “Tomorrow”

Recorded by Matteo Portelli at The White Lodge on 4 December 2017

Mixed by Antonio Castiello at Jambona Lab

Mastered by Matteo Portelli at The White Lodge

Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Band Photo by Paola Favoino

Produced by Acre and Aut Records in 2019


“And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” (T.S. Elliott)

A constellation is an imaginary construction. A solely human attempt to give sense to something that does not have one. This order does not reverse the dissimilarities of its elements but it keeps them together in a possible coexistence.

In their third upcoming album, the trio formed by Ermanno Baron, Ginomaria Boschi and Marco Bonini, collaborated with the singer/songwriter Ludovica Manzo. The encounter is the outcome of both their friendship and their parallel musical research conducted for many years now.

The music of this session is an encounter between the language developed by the trio in the last year and the musical work of Ludovica Manzo, based for this occasion on the poetic texts as its mean of expression and interaction.

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