Raw Volumes


Alexei Borisov: mixed devices, synthesizer
Olga Nosova: drums, vocals
Bob Meanza: electronics, synthesizer

CD – 7 tracks – 38 min
Edition of 300 copies
Released on May 2017

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01. Tetragonal – 5:40
02. Monoclinic – 5:48
03. Rhombohedral – 5:53
04. Hexagonal – 5:34
05. Orthorhombic – 3:20
06. Cubic – 5:22
07. Triclinic – 6:16

All compositions by Borisov/Nosova/Meanza



Recorded and Mixed by Bob Meanza at Clockbeat Studio, Berlin.
Artwork by Michele Pedrazzi
Layout by QVera
Photo by Odysseus Klissouras
Produced by ASTMA/MEANZA and Aut Records in 2017.


“Raw Volumes” documents the meeting between noise mavericks ASTMA and electronic sound artist Bob Meanza.

Behind the name ASTMA lies the duo of Alexei Borisov, legendary multi-instrumentalist from Moscow underground scene since the 80s, and Olga Nosova, emerging drummer and vocalist in Berlin’s experimental scene. Known to be unapologetic forces merging free improvisation and noise attitude, ASTMA are touring internationally with a mutable setup, often playing “on the brink of failure”, with broken devices, found objects, unpredictable connections.

On the other side, there’s the nerdy approach of Bob Meanza. His taste for detailed sound design and digital shininess (see “OU”, Aut Records 2015) reflects in his rather melodic intentions and gentle technicism (like in his robotic installation “Cicadas”). And that turns to be a perfect complement to ASTMA’s sound invasion.

A very sharp and spontaneous meeting was recorded in Berlin, and the material was then polished enough to let the inner structures of each piece emerge and take form. Nurturing the sound but leaving it untamed, as it was supposed to be.

The quest for the nastiest chaos and the cleanest geometry can lead to unique objects: that’s what these “Raw Volumes” are – primitive crystals that come out of the dirt, in their precious and dangerous sharpness.

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