Pasquale Innarella: tenor sax
Paolo Cintio: piano
Leonardo De Rose: double bass
Giampiero Silvestri: drums

CD – 8 tracks – 43:31 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released in December 2019

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01. Montmartre – 05:08
02. The Chase – 04:5
03. Misty – 08:36
04. Benji’s Bounce – 06:08
05. Catalonian Nights – 04:26
06. Soy Califa – 05:31
07. Apple Jump – 03:01
08. Sticky Wicket – 05:40

Total Time: 43:31


Tracks composed by Dexter Gordon except track 3 by Erroll Garner

Recorded by Marco Maracci at Totosound in Rome on 9/10 February , 2019

Mixed and mastered by Marco Maracci at Totosound in Rome
on 23/24 February 2019

Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Go_Dex and Aut Records in 2019


The art of improvisation drives us on a musical path that never fails to challenge us. To find oneself in losing oneself. To be.

“Go Dex” comes from saxophone great Dexter Gordon, whose 1962 album was simply titled “GO.” The Go Dex quartet was created thanks to Pasquale Innarella’s desire to pay homage to the legendary African-American tenor sax, beloved by jazz musicians for his interpretive talent yet less known as a composer, despite the beauty of his pieces. Gordon’s compositions were few and far between and rarely performed by other musicians.

Pasquale Innarella, who has always been passionate about the fluid, melodic language of Gordon’s tenor sax, decided to create a modern quartet that overcomes stereotypes about hard bop’s language, while maintaining respect for his influence. The timbre of the group is in line with Gordon’s heritage: tenor sax, piano, double bass, and percussion. This isn’t the only link to the late master, as the quartet takes on these arrangements with rhythmic, harmonic and melodic freedom and an air of agility moving around the harmonic structures, in both tonal and modal spheres. The free approach to playing is welcomed.

The Go Dex quartet creates a bond with the listening public both during ballads and rhythmically sustained tracks, as accessibility of the final recordings was taken into consideration during the entirety of the project. These four expert musicians create a dialogue and mood that is fresh yet plush, with a captivating energy.

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