Maj Kavšek: trumpet & flugelhorn, compositions
Efim Brailovskiy: alto saxophone
Samo Hude: piano
Gal Golob: double bass
Leo Gerstner: drums

CD and Digital Download – 6 tracks – 39:14
Edition of 300 copies

Released in May 2024

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01. Hexagonal Mirrors 06:05
02. Philosopher’s Stoned 07:55
03. Primrose 08:41
04. Hand in a Hat 07:23
05. Galaterna (Improv I.) 03:45
06. Raspberry Juice (Malinovc) 05:23

Total time: 39:14


All music © by Maj Kavšek

Recorded by Athanasios Karakantas and Laszlo Griese at BabyBazaar Studio in Berlin on 20th and 21st of Feb 2023
Mixed and mastered by Athanasios Karakantas, Berlin, November 2023

Artwork by Gal Tič
Editing by Eva Popit
Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Maj Kavšek
Published by Aut Records


Maj Kavšek’s inaugural album, “Galaterna” is a testament to his multifaceted talent as a producer, composer, and arranger. The coined title encapsulates the project’s ethos—creating something unique while honouring its musical lineage.

Within the album, a spectrum of compositions unfolds, drawing inspiration from diverse sources. Traditional jazz motifs pulse with vitality and rhythm, while open harmonies and intricate textures add layers of intrigue. Each piece is a tribute to the artists who have profoundly influenced Kavšek’s musical journey.

The result is a musical odyssey that seamlessly merges innovation with a profound reverence for the traditions that underpin the quintet’s distinctive sound.

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