Maj Kavšek

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Maj Kavšek (2000) is a Berlin-based trumpeter and composer born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started playing trumpet at the age of 8 and displayed a passion for music from a young age. His dedication and hard work eventually led him to pursue a formal education in music. At the age of 15, he started his studies at the Conservatorium for Music in Ljubljana, where he discovered the world of jazz music. It was during this time he was able to refine his trumpet skills and broaden his musical horizons.

After completing his studies at the Conservatorium in Ljubljana, Maj continued his musical education by pursuing studies abroad. He did so by enrolling at the Jazz Institute Berlin (UdK Berlin – Berlin University of the Arts). This move allowed him to continue his musical growth and exploration. Throughout his academic journey, he has had the privilege of working with esteemed professors and musicians, including notable names such as James Robert Rotondi, Nate Wooley, Ralph Alessi, Greg Cohen, Reggie Moore, and others.

Maj’s musical experience spans a wide range of ensemble settings. He has been a part of symphonic and wind orchestras, classical chamber music groups, jazz big bands, a variety of smaller jazz group settings as well as performing as a soloist. These diverse opportunities have contributed to his well-rounded musical skills and ability to excel in various musical contexts.

Maj has had the honor of performing as a featured soloist and orchestra musician with the “Big Band – Radio & Television Slovenia” on multiple occasions. In 2019, he won the 1st prize at the TEMSIG competition with his band – “The Mood Lab Quintet” in Slovenia. In 2023, he received an invitation to perform with the “Euroradio Jazz Orchestra” in Lithuania and “Fame’s Institute Orchestra” in North Macedonia. He has actively participated at various music festivals (Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Zvončki in Trobentice, Fête de la Musique Berlin, Skopje Jazz Festival, Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival and others) where he has taken on both the roles of a band-leader and a side-man, collaborating with esteemed musicians such as Chris Pitsiokos, Philipp Gropper, Bram De Looze, Felix Henkelhausen, Jan Bang and others.