Giuseppe Bottiglieri: double bass, electronics

Digital Download – 9 tracks – 31 minutes

Released in June 2023



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01. Lucóre 03:41
02. Light Cycle 03:57
03. Natura Morta con Paranza 03:08
04. Stummfilm 02:17
05. Ballad for Skiagràphos 02:34
06. Oplontis Fairy Tale 04:52
07. Black Healing Sand 02:15
08. Cave Canem 05:38
09. 07:22 a.m. Planet B, Cyber Era 04:23

Total time: 31:18



Recorded by Giuseppe Bottiglieri at the Pink Noise Studio Berlin, March 2023

Mixed by Giuseppe Bottiglieri

Mastered by Homero Gonzalez, May 2023, in Guadalajara, Mexico

Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Giuseppe Bottiglieri and Aut Records


Prepare for an exciting encounter with the experimental world of ‘Lucóre’, the latest work by Giuseppe Bottiglieri.

Through nine tracks full of creativity and audacity, Bottiglieri invites us on a sonic journey that traverses his Italian roots and goes beyond geographical boundaries. Abstract melodies and broken rhythms come together in a unique combination, offering a musical experience that,
through the use of extended and innovative techniques, transcends the traditional limits of the double bass.

The compositions of ‘Lucóre’ are an emotional journey exploring the boundaries of contemporary music. The influences of artists such as Xenakis, Scodanibbio, Sciarrino and free jazz merge with the sounds of the Mediterranean and the vitality of Berlin.
The influence of the city is in fact clear in his use of digital technologies and processed sound, with which Bottiglieri transforms the double bass into a universe of infinite sound possibilities, where the organic and natural sound of the instrument merges with electronic soundscapes, creating a complex and engaging musical narrative.

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