Giuseppe Bottiglieri

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Giuseppe Bottiglieri studied in Salerno at the Martucci Conservatory, where he also had the chance to participate in the Erasmus project that sent him to Northern Europe. During his time at the Codarts Academy in Rotterdam he discovered his passion for improvised and experimental music. Since 2010 he lives in Berlin and is active in the local and international music scene. In 2017 he leads a quintet under the name Freedomland with Igor Osypov, Otto Hirte, Dima Bondarev and Mathias Ruppnig. His first Solo record Neomelodic Open structures was released in 2019. His latest project Todo Modo, with Manlio Maresca, Gregor Savic and Quentin Cholet, has a strong influence from nowave to free jazz music and released Henry Crimes, a six-track EP. NeomelodicOpen Structures vol.2, his second solo work was released for Stirpe999 Antilabel in March 2022.
Listing of particularly important projects and/or performances:
2019′ a European tour with the legendary band James Chance and the Contortions. On March 19, he will perform for the Berliner Festspiele MaerzMusik 2022, string musik für Kontrabassvon Ben Patterson as a world premiere.