Filippo Sala: composition, drums,
Enrico Terragnoli: electric guitar, podophono, philicorda
Danilo Gallo: double bass, electric bass, flute, radio, objects, melodica

CD and Digital Download – 9 tracks – 49′
Edition of 200 copies

Released in October 2023

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01. Lampi 03:49
02. Rifugi 06:39
03. Danzar senza pretese 04:40
04. Piscina d’inverno 08:17
05. Keef 04:51
06. Un fascino retrò 06:19
07. Comici 07:41
08. Miraggi 03:42
09. Encore 03:13

Total time: 49′



All music composed by Filippo Sala (except from “Miraggi” and “Encore”, written by Terragnoli, Gallo, Sala)

Recorded by Michele Marelli at Monolith Studio in Brescia on March 30th, 2023

Mixed and mastered by Enrico Terragnoli

Graphics and Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Filippo Sala and Aut Records


‘Rifugi’ is Filippo Sala’s first solo album accompanied by Enrico Terragnoli and Danilo Gallo.
Inspired by an imagined photographic still, Filippo Sala conceived the nine tracks on this album, written at the end of 2022 and published in 2023 with the record label Aut Records.

Instrumental music which is evocative and recounts a story, the nine songs tell brief tales inspired by people, moments and situations: they are frozen memories, sensations translated into music during a moment of need for self-expression, a personal projection of the infinite meanderings of the imagination.

The songwriting is intentionally spare and minimal in character and in it coexist echoes of post- rock, extravagant child-like calypso beats, drunken rumbas and absurd arpeggios all bound together with daring and spontaneous sonorous pyrotechnics.
Highly oneiric moments alternate with lashing and intense waves of sound, in the constant search for a temporary distortion of reality. An inclination towards interaction, a search for a different sound and free expression, together with the construction of improvisational moments, are the cornerstones of this trio.

The trio was formed by Sala’s encounter with Enrico Terragnoli and Danilo Gallo, two musicians of astounding creativity from different generations.
The span of artistic inspirations is parti-coloured, drawn mostly from music and film, which Filippo cannot go without, but the refuge found in himself is the most important space from which the idea of this album arose.

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