Enrico Terragnoli

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After obtaining a diploma in Musical Theory at the Abaco Conservatory in Verona, he began his jazz career starting up, together with other musicians, a huge variety of musical projects. Among these can be mentioned ‘Tu Whit Tu Whoo Trio’, ‘NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux)’, ‘University Jazz Project’, ‘Kaiser Lupowitz’, ‘Garlic’ and ‘Reggaedoompa’. Since the end of the nineties he has participated in the most important Italian and European jazz festivals. He dedicates his time to writing music for performances of contemporary dance in Italy and abroad. He wrote the handbook ‘Chitarra Elettrica’ for the publishers Demetra/Giunti. He is bassist and banjo-player in the groups ‘Feira Lusa’ and ‘Kinder Klezmer.’ In 2005 he was among the founders of the
collective/label El Gallo Rojo with whom he shared the development of music and ideas for more than a decade. He performs as session musician in multiple projects, the main ones being Mauro Ottolini ‘Sousaphonix’ and Franco D’Andrea ‘Octet’ and with Wozzdèt in the 2018 release of the album of the same name. In the same year, he led the project E.R.Z ‘Minesweeper’ (Caligola Records, 2246) with Rosa Brunello on the double-bass and Zeno de Rossi on drums, where he was the composer of all the tracks.