The Exit Door Leads In


Alberto Collodel – clarinets | Davide Lorenzon – alto and curved soprano saxophones | Ivan Pilat – baritone saxophone, trombone, voice

Piero Bittolo Bon – alto sax, alto clarinet | Nello Da Pont – drums | Nicola Guazzaloca – piano | Edoardo Marraffa – tenor sax | Tim Trevor Briscoe – alto sax, clarinet

CD – 11 tracks – 55.46 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released September 1, 2012

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01. Stop chance! Silence noise! 04:13
02. Hopeful monsters 06:51
03. Dark and weird tales of modern social decadence 03:49
04. Slag 03:26
05. The great N’Go 03:36
06. No fear of death in Janitzio 02:52
07. Anecoico 06:36
08. Chaosmose 07:34
09. Sahdeecoolow 05:55
10. Raum 1 05:39
11. The long tomorrow 05:46



Recorded by: Salvatore “Uccio” Arangio
Mixed by: Ian Douglas-Moore

Artwork and graphics: Sandro Crisafi

Produced by: Kongrosian and Aut Records in 2012


In this second album of the reeds trio, other five musicians from the italian impro-jazz scene join the band!

The album, recorded in 2011 at the “Ivan Illich” – Popular School of Music in Bologna, contains 11 tracks, which are in part completely improvised and in part contain themes written by Ivan Pilat and Piero Bittolo Bon.

In this album is possible to hear “puntillistic” arrangements as more “orchestral” moments, passing through situations that remind more to some jazz of southafrican-english derivation.

The album is dedicated to the work of Philip K. Dick, builder of universes, 30 years after his death and takes its name from a minor novel of the author.

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