You Can Never Please Anybody


Francesco Bigoni – tenor sax and clarinet | Piero Bittolo Bon – alto sax and alto clarinet | Beppe Scardino – baritone sax and bass clarinet

Cd-r – 10 tracks – 42.53 min
Edition of 250 copies
Released May 1, 2011

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01.Don’t touch him (This is jazz) 06:11
02.Dear fellow astronauts 01:16
03.Clipperton’s strategy 05:10
04.Twenty years 07:53
05.Forty years 03:03
06.Philosophy of the world 03:49
07.Ceenoozooid 01:47
08.The onanistic side of Crisco 3 04:21
09.Lusco eterno 03:37
10.Pphhiilloossoopphhyy ooff tthhee wwoorrlldd 05:42


Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Antonio Castiello

Artwork by: Pietro Caponetti

Graphics by: Sandro Crisafi


Conceived by three of the most representative new italian voices on saxophone, Bigoni, Bittolo Bon and Scardino, Crisco 3 is our third release.
“You can never please anybody” is an explosive mix of original and complex themes, collective improvisation devoted to explore the timbre of the instruments and new interpretations of pieces, different by origins and content, like Twenty Years by Bill Frisell and Philosophy of the world by the weird rock group of The Shaggs.

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