Giacomo Cioni – MPC sampler

CD-r – 13 tracks – min 48
Edition of 250 copies
Released August 1, 2016

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01. Soul Eater 03:42
02. Programmed Cell Death 04:28
03. Structural Stability and Morphogenesis 03:34
04. Dreaming Jewels 04:54
05. Three Millimeters Per Day 01:52
06. Phase Transition 04:06
07. Bigger Than The Sum 04:14
08. Mismade Girl 03:06
09. Moulting Cicada 02:18
10. Uneasy Dreams 03:42
11. Ready To Hatch 05:22
12. Holometaboly 04:40
13. Innova Corpora 01:48



Composed and recorded by Giacomo Cioni in Wisbyer PPL, Berlin, 2015
Mixed by Giacomo Cioni in Nuova, Rimini, 2016
Mastered by Giacomo Calli in Sede Mea Revolutionae, Anghiari, 2016

Artwork by Francesco Giannetti
Produced by Giacomo Cioni and Aut Records in May 2016


12+ is a solo project by Giacomo Cioni on his MPC sampler.

Coming from a Hip Hop background, Giacomo Cioni aka 12+ started out both as a beatmaker and a rapper. Armed with his MPC sampler, he progressively went on to explore other genres of music through his practice of the art of sampling.

“AUTotrophy” is a project born out of his time spent as a regular collaborator behind the scenes of our label, a time during which he had the opportunity of digging deep into our entire catalogue. Meticulously researching, sampling and looping the most unusual sonorities out of our first 14 records, he succeeded in giving those albums a new meaning by setting them in a totally new context. This thorough process resulted in 13 tracks at the crossroads between instrumental hip-hop and groovy experimental electronics, first presented in Berlin during the Aut Fest 2014.

Giacomo Cioni thereafter further developed his concept and took inspiration in the many forms of the principle of “transformation”, as conceived in different cultural and scientific fields. The album’s title as well as each track name are refering to a process of metamorphosis in various disciplines, from science to literature or cinema.

WIth “AUTotrophy” the Aut Records connoisseurs will be able to rediscover a good part of our catalogue as they never heard it before, while the novices will find a unique way to get acquainted with us.

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