Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously


Alberto Collodel: bass clarinet
Davide Lorenzon: tenor sax
Ivan Pilat: baritone sax

Thomas Brinkmann, Daniele Papini, Cloud of Illusions: remixes

LP – 7 tracks – 41:07 min

Edition of 200 copies
Released in November 2019

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A1. Tidal Forces – 04:29
A2. Mikrokosmos – 04:34
A3. Tensegrity part II – 06:41
A4. Freak Out – 05:18
B1. Tensegrity part II – Cloud of Illusions rmx – 07:02
B2. Mikrokosmos – Daniele Papini rmx – 07:29
B3. Tidal Forces – Thomas Brinkmann rmx – 05:34


A1. is a collective improvisation, A2. and A4. are composed by Ivan Pilat, A3. is composed by Alberto Collodel.

Recorded by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio on June 19, 2018
Mixed by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio in October 2018
Mastered by Max Trisotto in June 2019

Artwork by Greta.Gre
Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Kongrosian, Aut Records and Oltrarno Recordings in September 2019


Let’s celebrate Aut Records’ 50th release and the comeback of the reed trio Kongrosian!

For this special occasion we wanted to create a fruitful clash between improvisation, techno and noise. The album is, in fact, the result of a partnership with our friends of Oltrarno Recordings, in the spirit of collaboration that always distinguished the trio’s musical view.

If in the A side of the album you will find four tracks that are composed and improvised by Kongrosian, on the B side you will encounter the remixes by three electronic musicians coming from the Oltrarno’s world: Cloud of Illusions a.k.a Oltrarno’s founder Stefano Meucci, house master Daniele Papini and techno scene veteran Thomas Brinkmann.

The vinyl, released in a coloured edition of 200 copies, will be presented in Berlin on the 28th of November at the “Mirror Worlds” event in Arkaoda featuring live acts by Kongrosian, Cloud of Illusions and Daniele Papini among others.

The digital version of the album will be available only as bonus for those who buy the vinyl, no digital version will be released by Aut Records.

Prepare to venture among raw beats and unheard sounds!

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