Active Observation


Luca Venitucci: piano, melodica, op-1 synth
Dario Miranda: double bass
Ermanno Baron: drums

CD and Digital Download – 8 tracks – 51′
Edition of 300 copies

Released in October 2023

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01. Trial and Error 07:43
02. Tacitly 07:11
03. No Instructions 03:54
04. Attempts 05:47
05. More Evidence is Needed 07:36
06. Iterate 08:15
07. A Closer Look 04:01
08. It’s All Part of the Learning Curve 06:32

Total time: 51′



All music by Luca Venitucci, Dario Miranda, Ermanno Baron

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Cancellieri at Abbey Rocchi Studios, Rome, between June 2022 and September 2023

Artwork by Francesca Mook Crisafulli
Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Genera and Aut Records


The active observation to which the title of Genera’s first album refers is that of a participatory and attentive gaze that contrasts widespread indifference with an experimental attitude, a process of trial and error that can allow us to give worth to any possible experience drawing valuable lessons.

It’s the same spirit that animates the music of the album, recorded in one single session after a period of research lasting several months. At the time of recording, the trio chose to reduce any predetermined structural constraints to the minimum necessary to give each piece a basic character, leaving the rest entirely up to the improvisational flow. The strength of the album is therefore that of combining extreme freshness and a great awareness of the sound and formal elements used, with a remarkable sense of listening and interplay.

Despite the strong underlying stylistic coherence, the eight tracks of the album each explore different and varied sound territories, behaviors, and atmospheres, from free-form explosions to more intimate parts, from vigorous and deconstructed grooves to sections whose rarefaction approaches that of ambient music, benefiting from an extensive timbral palette in which the sounds of acoustic instruments are expanded by the use of non-conventional techniques and combined with those of electronic devices.

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