Manuel Miethe

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Manuel Miethe (born 1972 in Berlin) works as a saxophonist and photographer in Berlin.

As one of the few saxophonists who have devoted themselves exclusively to the soprano saxophone, he has engaged himself over the past two decades with developing an improvisational language and body of composition for this unique instrument.

In various different projects he collaborates with musicians such as Alexander v. Schlippenbach (The Levitation w/ Horst Nonnenmacher + Lucìa Martìnez), Tristan Honsinger, saxophonists Anna Kaluza (hanam quintet w/Alison Blunt, Horst Nonnenmacher and Niko Meinhold)) and Silke Eberhard (DIE SACHE), accordionist Franka Lampe (Out Of Oro) and Marzena Lis/Rafal Mazur/Tomek Choloniewski (in Cracow/Poland). He is a member of the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra (BerIO).

In 2010 he and Nikolaus Neuser (tp) founded the Ensemble The Alliteration with Antonis Anissegos (p), Akira Ando (b), Boris Bell/Maurice de Martin (dr), Gerhard Gschlößl (tb) and Floros Floridis (reeds).

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