Horst Nonnenmacher

Appears on:

He studied classical doublebass from 1984 until 1989 at the UdK in Berlin. He recorded numerous CDs with Sam Rivers und Alexander von Schlippenbach, Jim Black, Andreas Willers Paul Bley, Yves Robert, FRIGG featuring Elliot Sharp, David Tronzo, Phil Minton, Elliot Sharp, Association Urbanétique, Vladimir Karparov, OLoyé (feat. Eutália de Carvalho)
Concerts and tours in USA, Australia, Syria, Romania, Bulgaria, Spanien, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, England, Sweden and festivals in Berlin, Sydney, Perth, Moers, Vilshofen, Sibiu, Schleswig-Holstein and many more.

He now plays with:

die schlechten Verstecke (with Joerg Hochapfel and Rudi Fischerlehner)
Die Sache with Silke Eberhard, Manu Miethe and Jan Roder
The Levitation Trio with Manuel Miethe and Lucia Martinez
“Es geht” with Birkard Jasper, Adrian Sheriff, Niko Schäuble, Christof Griese, Christian Kappe
Balkanova with Viktoria Lasaroff and Andreas Brunn, (CD “Balkanova” 2012)
Hannes Zerbe Jazz Orchester (CD 2012)
Composers Orchestra Berlin (dir. Hazel leach)
Hanam Quinintet with Alison Blunt (viol), Anna Kaluza (as), Manu Miethe (ss), Nico Meinhold (p)
Angela Winkler
Berlin Improvisers Orchestra
Oloyé (brazilian music with Eutália de Carvalho)

He is also teacher at the LMA Berlin and at the musicschools Berlin City West and Neukölln

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