Olga Nosova

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Olga Nosova started her music activity in Moscow, 2001. She played drums with different local bands, representing prog-rock, punk jazz, free improv, industrial scene: Syncopated Silence, Motherfathers, Brom, Yad, Sobaki Tabaka, Vladimir Epifantsev’ group and more. Now she is a member of ASTMA duo (improvised project with Alexei Borisov). Also she collaborates with many Russian and international projects, musicians and sound-artists: Louis Rastig, Els Vandeweyer, Peter Brotzman, Thomas Lehn, Miriam Siebenstadt, Olivie Di Placido, Dario Fariello, Giuseppe Birardi, Dave Phillips, A-Spirale, Sergei Letov, Ilia Belorukov, Volga, Notchnoi Prospekt, Kurt Liedwart, Edgars Rubenis, Thomas Buckner, Jandek, John Hegre, Pekka Airaksinen, Anton Mobin and many others. She plays electronics, as well as a wide range of acoustic instruments and sound objects.

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