Luciano Caruso

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Born on 19th July 1957 in Turin, where he started studying music since his childhood years. He moved to Vittorio Veneto in 1973, he attended ‘Toti dal Monte’ Music School in Pieve di Soligo and afterwards ‘Dizzy Gillespie’ Music School in Bassano del Grappa.

He attended workshops by: Renato Geremia (1977), Gary Burton (1984) and Steve Lacy (1994).

He has played in different bands, collaborating with: Edi Busello, Nello DaPont, Giovanni Maier, Gialuigi Trovesi, Carlo Actis Dato, Giorgio Pacorig, Daniele Cavallanti, Michele Rabbia, Massimo de Mattia, Daniele Dagaro, Achille Succi, Ermes Ghirardini, Lauro Rossi, Romano Todesco, U.T. Gandhi.

He played mainly in clubs, theaters, festivals; he also worked with cinema and theater directors, as well as art galleries for readings and solo performances.

In 1992, with drummer Nello Da Pont he founded ‘Progetto Exit’, jazz and experimental music school, in Vittorio Veneto. In 1998 he entered the ‘Top Jazz’ new talents Italian ranking, in ‘Musica Jazz’ magazine. He reached 11th place in 2001, and 10th place in 2002.

He directed Vittorio Veneto Municipal band and was a member of improvisation orchestra Improvvirusoundexperience. Now he’s a stable member of Phophonix Orchestra, plays in a duo with vibes player Luigi Vitale, and he’s working on a project between music and literature called ‘The mirrors room’.

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