Giacomo Mongelli

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Giacomo Mongelli was born in Bari in 1977. He attended the seminars of : G. Trovesi G. Basso, C. Zingaro, J. Leandre, S. Battaglia, P. Damiani, D. Liebman, M. Stockhausen. He attended specific drum seminars of: Billy Drummond, Bobby Dhuram, Fabrizio Sferra, Roberto Gatto.

He took part to many festival: Mantova Music Festival, Gezziamoci, Foggia Jazz Festival, Controfestival, Trani per Telethon, Suoni Contro, Concerto per Amnesty, SuoniS Trani, Voi Ch’ascoltate, Camerata Musicale Barese, Musica in Festa, and many others.

He has played with many musicians: D.Murray, P. Montagne, T. Ho Bynum, T. Ghiglioni, I. Serto, M. Stockhausen, F. Mezzina, K. Berger, K. Carter, R. Ottaviano, S. Potts, G. Pacorig, G. Maier, G. Trovesi, G. Lenoci, and many others.

He has founded the cultural association “Suoni Visionari” that involves many musicians in a musical project based on improvisation, figurative arts and theatre. The first cd “Suite 24” has been the soundtrack at the film “Via Appia” by the director P. De Falco participating to Torino Film Festival, Bifest Bari, Lecce European Film Festival.