Alfonso Santimone

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Alfonso Santimone is often defined as a protean, meticulous and adventurous artist.
His touch on piano suggests a dark and visionary taste, and as an improviser he explores many different territories maintaining a strong and recognizable personality in every new musical adventure.
He is a personal and prolific composer/arranger, a creative sound artist treating with great mastery analog and digital musical technologies.
As a pianist, composer/arranger and producer Alfonso collaborated with many musicians and artists worldwide.

He’s leader of several groups (Laser Pigs, Thrill, etc.) and is a steady member of many groups (Zeno de Rossi Shtik, East Rodeo, Roberto Gatto PerfecTrio, Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Band, etc. ).
He’s featured in dozens of recordings and gained several prizes and awards ( Trofeo InSound, JazzIT Awards, etc.).

He played in a lot of venues and festivals worldwide and recorded with Tony Scott, Roberto Gatto, Gianluca Petrella, Jim Black, Chris Speed, Harold Land, Marc Ribot, Greg Cohen, Ben Goldberg, Steven Bernstein, Bobby Previte, Robert Wyatt among others.
Since 2005 is part of musical collective El Gallo Rojo.

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