Stefano Grasso

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Stefano Grasso (1992) is a drummer and contemporary percussionist based in Milan.

As both drummer and percussionist, he has had the luck of meeting many musicians he admires a lot, taking part to many different and challenging projects in various musical genres (classical and contemporary music, jazz, punk-rock, songwriting, improvised music, and what’s between all of this; among them: Alberto N. A. Turra, Claudio Fasoli, Francesco Zago, Francesco Chiapperini, Raffaele Kohler, Mario Forte, Federico Calcagno, Centolanza, Alex Levine, Yuval Avital, Bill Whitley, Pulsar Ensemble, Deaf Kaky Chumpy, Goodbye Kings, and others). With some of these bands, he has performed in clubs and festivals around Italy and Europe. He features more than 20 albums as a sideman, released from Italian labels (Emme Record, JazzIt, Felmay, Setola di Maiale, Squilibri Editore, La Stanza Nascosta) and foreign labels (Chant Records, Ravello Records, AUT Records), plus a self-released album as a bandleader (2018).

Aside from his activity as a performer, he is a class musician for dancers and a composer for theater and dance (Una Vita a Matita, Un po’ di piĆ¹, Prometeo?).

After finishing his Bachelor’s in Timpani and Percussion at Civica Scuola Claudio Abbado (2019), he is currently going deeper into vibraphone and marimba, studying at a Master’s Program in contemporary and improvised music with teacher Andrea Dulbecco in Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, in Milan.

Aside from his academic studies, he has studied drums and world percussions with musicians he deeply estimates, as Jim Black, Tiziano Tononi, Gilson Silveira, Alberto Pederneschi, Giorgio Di Tullio.

He’s currently pursuing his personal approach to music/drums/percussion, studying on his own and contaminating and cultivating his thoughts through the ideas and approaches of the many musicians he is very happy to work with.