Paolo Brusò

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Paolo Brusò plays guitar, sings and writes most of Margareth’s songs, a 7 year active rock band that’s been releasing albums for Venice-based label Macaco records for the last 3 years. Margareth has been touring in Italy and Germany several times. With Margareth, Paolo made 3 official records: White Lines (2010), Fractals (2012) and Flowers (2013), all licensed by Macaco records. During last year, Paolo has been more and more producing electronic music, and started a solo project named “Focus on the Breath”, manipulating analog, digital and nature sounds in ambient / dub-techno fashion. His mission is to continuously improve his sound, growing as a musician and as a man. His first EP as Focus on the Breath will be released in march/april 2014 for Cold Tear records, one of Europe’s finest online labels.