Matteo Giglioni

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Matteo began studying drums when he was 14, then attending from 1995 to 2000 the High School of Music “Nelio Biondi” in Camerino (MC) with the teacher Adriano Achei.
In the summer 1997 he joined the Clinics of the Berklee School of Boston under the direction of Ron Savage.

In 2000 he moved to Florence because of the University of Florence Psychology Degree and at the same time he decided to continue his music studies with the drummer Steve Luchi at the Music Academy of Florence.

In the summer 2009 he studied with Ettore Fioravanti and Paolo Fresu during the annual Nuoro Jazz Seminars. In the same year, in order to further improve his drums study, he entered the “National Academy of Jazz” of Siena then graduating in Drums in 2015 with the teachers Alessio Riccio and Francesco Petreni. He played at the “Sarteano Jazz & Blues Festival 2013″ with Beyond Room 14 band led by Alessio Riccio.

He attended in 2013 the summer workshop “Kind of Blue” organized by Siena Jazz where he met and started to play with Simone Graziano.
Currently he’s carrying out several projects on both contemporary and experimental jazz throughout Florence, Siena and Perugia.
Furthermore he has been teaching drums since 2008 at the Music Academies of Florence and Scandicci.