Matteo Anelli

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Matteo Anelli (19/04/1985) is a bassist from Pisa active in several projects.
He approaches to playing electric bass in rock bands, ska, and pop and then begin studying double bass in jazz. He has participated in many courses studying with Ben Street, Larry Grenadier and many more.

In the last years, he has been member of numerous bands, including Piergiorgio Pirro roundtrip (with Andrea Melani), Nico Gori Young Lyons (with Bernardo Guerra), Tony Cattano Naca (with Andrea Melani and Emanuele Parrini), Michele Tino Quartet (with Alessandro Lanzoni and Bernardo Guerra or Stefano Tamborrino) and others.

He works not only in the jazz scene.He recorded with Gatti MÈzzi, Betta Blues Society and nowadays he started to collaborate with pianist songwriter Tommaso Novi (with Daniele Paoletti)