Yara Li Mennel

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Yara Li Mennel is a performance artist and musician based in Ticino, Switzerland.
With body, voice and violin, she creates events on stage that move between music, dance, sound poetry and spatial installation.

She trained in dance schools in Italy (SPID) and England (NSCD). She lived some years in Berlin where she worked on instant composition, embodied anatomy, the voice as an instrument and free improvisation with the violin.
In 2017 she was selected for LEM Buenos Aires, a research program for performers where she explored the use of the body in performance.

In 2019 she moved to Locarno where the collaboration with Carovana091 was born with which she practices improvised music up to the present day and creates performance projects.
Yara is resident artist in Ca’ Stanata in Solduno: a space for creation and meeting, where they regularly organize musical salons and events for art.
Fascinated by the intelligence of the body, she explores multiple ways of communication by sensitizing the listening, expanding the attention, revitalizing the body and creativity. Clowning is a constant inspiration for her. Yara is interested in the function of art in education and believes in art as a means of personal and social transformation.