Simone Lobina

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Simone Lobina, born in 1982, began music study very early. At the age of 10, he started his path studying classical guitar at the”Antonietta Chironi”civic school, having the masters A.Ligios and M.Meloni as mentors. During the years his interest in contempary music grew, so he started to enhance the language of the blues and the jazz. He moved to Milan in 2002, where he attended the Scuola Civica di Jazz earning the specialization diploma under the leadership of M°Riccardo Bianchi and of M°Giovanni Monteforte.
In the years that followed Lobina improved his jazz skills, taking part in a 3 years “Guitar Ensemble” supervised by M°Franco Cerri and had the chance to follow various guitarist and exteporary seminars and masterclasses (Bebo Ferra, Umberto Fiorentino, Tomaso Lama, Mike Stern, Roberto Cecchetto, Evan Parker, Alex Stornello, Antonio Zambrini, Attilio Zanchi, Massimo Colombo, Riccardo Luppi, Tino Tracanna). Beyond his studies, he also worked on the different collaborations (Francesco Chiapperini InSight, Old Bear Trio, Electric! Electric!, Novara Jazz Collective, Improvvisatore Involontario) both as leader and as side-man. He played at numerous jazz festivals (Piacenza Jazz Festival, Jazz Villa Simonetta, Break in Jazz, Ritmo nelle Città, Life Gate Festival, Nuoro Jazz Festival, Trentino Jazz Festival, Palazzina Azzurra Festival, Ah Um Jazz Festival, European Jazz Festival, JazzIt Festival, Make Music Fest, Novara Jazz Festival, Pending Lips Fest) and in very famous national jazz clubs.
In addition to the composition of original songs, movie soundtracks and jingles (put on the radio and festivals in France, Switzerland, Canada and Japan), he teaches guitar, musical composition, theory and solfège in different music schools in Milan and outside the city.
He played with: Franco Cerri, Antonio Zambrini, Improvvisatore Involontario, Enrico Merlin, Mario Rusca, Silvia Bolognesi, Pasquale Innarella, Francesco Cusa, Carlo Nicita, Vincenzo Vasi, Mario Zara, Liza Mezzacappa, Luca Mezzadri, Daniel Pacitti & Tango Tinto, Paolo Fresu, Maria Pia De Vito.