Nicolò Masetto

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Born in 1992, Nicolò Masetto has been interested in music multiple visions, since early age.
His activity embraces various forms of expression, from 1960s-inspired psychedelic songs, through traditional jazz, to improvisation contaminated with electronics. Trained with Stefano Senni and Marco Tamburini, among others, he then played with some of the most important musicians on the national scene. He regularly performs at major national music festivals, as well as clubs, jazz clubs and theatres. He has been a collaborator of the Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra, a stable big band of the Torrione Jazz Club in Ferrara. With the D.O.O.O.M. Orchestra, led by percussionist Francesco Cigana, performed at the TedX Talk at Teatro Comunale in Vicenza.
At the end of 2018 he founded, together with drummer/producer Tommaso Cappellato and pianist Alberto Lincetto, the band Collettivo Immaginario. The trio debut happened in January 2019 at the famous Townhouse/DelMonte Speakeasy in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. The trio’s first record work – Trasforma – is released in September 2022 on Domanda Music label, founded by Cappellato in Los Angeles. At the end of 2020 he collaborates with the brothers Marcello and Pietro Tonolo, with the release of the album Our Family Affair for the Caligola Records label and the consequent tour of important Italian festivals and clubs. At the same time, he carries out his own musical vision, in which various elements – from songwriting, to Italian progressive rock, the extensive use of synthesisers, up to the point of sound experimentation and noise – merge to give life to a music that is simultaneously of the past and the future. The first solo work is scheduled to be released during 2023.