Nicholas Remondino

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Nicholas Remondino
starts playing drums at 4 years, after an intense period of studies and experiences in Turin he undertakes his studies at SienaJazzUniversity and Accademia Chigiana in Siena, in the meantime, begins an intense activity of concerts, workshops, and residences in prestigious institutes such as the Norges Musikkhogskole of Oslo, the Conservatory CNSMDP and the Institute of Italian Culture in Paris, studying and collaborating with artists like Stefano Battaglia, Susanne Abbuehl, Ingar Zach, Ernst Reijseger, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Akira Sakata, Alfio Antico, Gino Robair, Pierre Bastien and producers like IOSONOUNCANE and Any Other. His main projects are LAMIEE. and Dròlo Ensemble, engaged as a composer and producer, releasing albums for numerous international labels, such as Shhpuma/Clean Feed. he also takes part in other important projects, notably in that of Vieri Cervelli Montel and in the ensemble Tabula Rasa, directed by Stefano Battaglia.

TWEEEDO – We All Think We’re Good People (Calista Records) 2018
Carillon – Il Ragazzo Invisibile Original Soundtrack (Indigo Films) 2014
Stefano Battaglia Tabula Rasa – Blossoms I/Blossoms II (2022)
Stefano Battaglia Tabula Rasa – Kum! (2022)
Stefano Battaglia Tabula Rasa – MATERIA (2023)
Sonoria – Live in Pisa (Evil Rabbit Records) 2020
Sonoria – Le Jardin Sonore (Evil Rabbit Records) 2022
ōtonn – Tawny (Smallforms) 2020
ōtonn – Two Crumbling Shapes (esc.rec) 2022
Byenow – Byenow (Out Stack, Fooltribe) 2020
Byenow – E v e (Out Stack) 2021
Byenow – Snowsong/Babies 2021
Bob Corn – Songs On The Line (Fooltribe) 2019
Massimo Silverio – Ø 2020
Massimo Silverio – O 2021
Vieri Cervelli Montel – Almeno tu nell’universo (Panico) 2021
Ananasnna – Veloci Come In “500” (Auand) 2021
One Flower Left (Filibusta Records) 2021
LAMIEE. – FISICA (Dinzu Artefacts) 2021
LAMIEE. – OLTRA LAMENT (Never Anything Records) 2021
LAMIEE. – MODOL (Klammklang, Warm Winters Ltd.) 2022
LAMIEE./Dròlo Ensemble – the defeaning moment of the whistle after the noise (Shhpuma/Clean Feed) 2022
LAMIEE. – L U M (enmossed/PL) 2022
LAMIEE. – P E L (Tone Burst) 2022
LAMIEE. – Aùss (Audio.Visuals.Atmosphere) 2022 LAMIEE./hystrikitsch – PATCHWORK (esc.rec) 2022 LAMIEE. -PRIMA (Breton Cassette) 2022
LAMIEE. – INN (Never Anything Records) 2022 LAMIEE. – CRUJ, 2022
Vieri Cervelli Montel – I (Tanca/Trovarobato) 2022 OORT – Meridian (Tour de Brass) 2022

– Academy of Modern Music, Turin 2009 – 2015 ; – Siena Jazz University, Siena 2016 – 2021; – Chigiana Academy, Siena 2017 – 2022
– NMH-Norges Musikkhøgskole Oslo, Siena Jazz program exchange October 2017 CNSMDP ; – Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, program exchange December 2018
– Tweeedo “We all think we’re good people” Callista Records Tour (summer 2018) – Massimo Silverio Trio EU Tour, sponsored by SUNS (february 2020) – ōtonn “Two Crumbling Shapes” EU Tour (march 2020) – Vieri Cervelli Montel opening IOSONOUNCANE
(2021); FESTIVALS :Musica Macchina, Pisa Jazz, Torino Jazz Festival, Gaeta Jazz Festival, Chigiana Stagione Micat in Vertice, Mammut Jazz Festival, Jazz Re:found, Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo), Disorder Festival, Internet Festival, Kilowatt Festival, Encode Festival, Siren Festival, Ferrara Sotto le Stelle, Villa Ada Fest, Acieloaperto, Balena Festival, Pistoia Blues, Artico Festival, Paratissima, Archivissima, Nesxt, Reset Festival, Musica in Villa, Val di Fassa Panorama Music, Suns Festival, Glocal Sound Festival, Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo), F/Eks (Oslo), Mandagsklubben 5e(Copenhagen), Obszar Wspolny (Lodz), Kipisz Kipisz (Lodz), Kirtimu Kulturos Centras (Vilnius), KMN Kauno Menininku Namai (Kaunas), Aleponija (Riga), Smallforms (Vienna).