Matteo Paggi

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Matteo Paggi is a versatile musician who has been exploring different types of music, instruments and musical approaches since the beginning of his musical career.
Colors, voice, timbre, dynamics, the minutest details of sound and articulation: all of it is the subject the continuous study and research of his artistic expression. An ongoing exploration of the inner side expressing itself on the outside in music ranging from free improvisation to the heaviest rock and metal, from traditional jazz to trendy modern music.

He graduated with top marks in classical music as an orchestral trombonist and then went on to complete a Master Degree in Trombone Jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
During the years he plays with numerous symphony and opera orchestras, but also collaborates with jazz, blues, pop, reggae, rock&roll and modern artists with whom he played all over Europe.
He was named one of the 10 best students at the conservatory during his bachelor’s degree in classical music, won the Inner Wheel International Prize, and perfected his skills in composition, chamber music and conducting at Stanford University and Marquette University in the US.
At the “Massimo Urbani International Prize 2022” he won the 3rd Jury Prize, Critics’ Prize and Audience Prize.
Among the artists he shared the stage with are: Enrico Rava, Tony Coleman, Yamandu Costa, Adam Rapa, Dianne Reeves, Peter Washington, Ethan Iverson, Dan Weiss, the Imperial Triumphant, La Pegatina, Matthew Lee, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Sollima, Don Farinacci, Veronica Swift, Francesco Diodati and many others.

His active projects include the quintet with the international jazz icone “Enrico Rava the Fearless Five”, the surprising trio “The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”, the early jazz group “The Fried Seven” (winner of the Kerel van Eerd Music Award 2021) and his leading projects “Matteo Paggi and the Giraffes” and “W O R D S”.
He also has to his credit collaborations with Dutch TV in the most-watched show in the Netherlands ‘Even tot Hier’ (winner of De Ring 2022 and Ere-Nipkowschijf in 2023) and collaborations with singers such as Dennis van Aarssen, Peter Douglas and Jhonny Rosenberg, also through the ‘BOSCO jazz and pop Orchestra’.