Marco D’Orlando

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Marco D’Orlando(1994)

He began studying drums at the age of 8 with Giorgio Fritsch attending the Ritmea music school in Udine.
At 14 he started to learn and approach jazz music with M° Emanuel Donadelli.
Parallel to the jazz language he began to investigate also the world of percussion and in particular the traditional African music from Mali, which he discovered thanks to Roberto Lugli and the Officine Ritmiche.
After High School, he attended for a couple of years the jazz department of the “J. Tomadini Conservatory” in Udine where he had the opportunity to study with Glauco Venier, Michele Corcella, and Luca Colussi.
Over the years he attended various seminars in Italy, such as: Umbria Jazz Clinics 2012, Tuscia In Jazz 2013, Jeff Ballard, John Hollenbeck, Steve Swallow, Adam Nussbaum, and Marco Tamburini.
He currently plays a wide range of genres in different situations:
Drumlando (jazz), Maistah Aphrica (psychedelic/funk/afro-beat), Fainas (punk-rock), Martello (jazz-core), North East Ska Jazz Orchestra (ska-reggae), Gianpaolo Rinaldi Trio (contemporary jazz), just to name a few.