Jan Roder

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Jan Roder, born 1968 in Lübeck, Germany, studied jazz bass with Detlef Beier at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover. He moved to Berlin in 1995 where he encountered musicians the likes of Dörner, Mahall, and v. Schlippenbach with whom he has played until today (f.e. this very ‘Enttäuschung’). Roder considers his musical ‘home’ to be post-free jazz and improvised music deeply rooted in the jazz tradition.
He collaborates with musicians such as Aki Takase, Gunter Hampel, Irene Schweizer,Ulrich Gumpert, Ernst Ludwig Petrowski, Thomas Borgmann, Peter Brötzmann, WolfgangPuschnig, Axel Dörner, Wlli Kellers, Michael Griener, Oliver Steidle, Silke Eberhard,Christof Thewes, Matthias Schubert, Olaf Rupp…..
and in projects such as Monks Casino, Die Enttäuschung, Soko Steidle, Squakk, Die Dicken Finger (on electric bass), Silke Eberhard Trio, Ulrich Gumpert Quartett and Workshop Band, JR3, as a soloist and studio musician.
He has played festivals and clubs throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, and records several albums each year, for example: Die Enttäuschung / Vier Halbe, Monks Casino, JR3 / Skyhook, Kaluza Roder / Am Frankfurter Tor, Jan Roder/ Doublebass, Derek plays Eric / Suite of Soaps.