Francesco Bigoni

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Born 1982 in Ferrara, Italy. Mainly self-taught, he rapidly finds his own spot on the Italian creative scene. He experiments strategies of collective production since 2005, as a member of El Gallo Rojo ( label/collective.

He co-leads Houdini’s Cage (with Enrico Terragnoli, Greg Cohen and Zeno De Rossi), Headless Cat (with Antonio Borghini and Federico Scettri) and Hopscotch (with Mark Solborg and Kevin Brow). He currently works as a sideman with Giulio Corini (Libero Motu), Francesco Diodati (Neko), Gianluca Petrella (Cosmic Band, best band of 2009 according to the Italian Critics Poll), Alfonso Santimone (Laser Pigs), Beppe Scardino (Orange Room).

He currently resides in Copenaghen and attends a 2-year post-graduate program led by Django Bates at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

CONTACTS: francescobigoni(at)gmail(dot)com