Flo Fischer

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Born in Fürth in 1993, Florian Fischer currently lives in Berlin.
He studied jazz drums at the HfM Nuremberg and the Jazz Institute Berlin. Teachers included Prof. Hans Günter Brodmann, Prof. Greg Cohen, Frank Gratkowski, Prof. Heinrich Köbberling, Reggie Moore, Johannes Nied, Matthias Rosenbauer and Prof. Steffen Schorn.
In various formations, Fischer travels nationally and internationally as a sideman, bandleader and workshop teacher. He also plays and writes regularly for German theaters.
His artistic work moves in the areas of contemporary music, improvised music, theater music, performance and modern jazz.
He was awarded the Deutschlandstipendium and the Bruno Rother Jazz Prize in 2017. Fischer played and works e.g. with Loren Stillman, Silke Eberhard, Achim Kaufmann, Johannes Fink, Ignaz Schick, Thomas Fryland, Peter Fulda, Christopher Kunz and David Soyza.
His debut on HatHutrecords with „Die Unwucht“ received international attention.