Elie Dalibert

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Elie Dalibert is an alto saxophonist who studied in Nantes, France. He is now freshly based in Philadelphia (USA).

He earned prestigious prizes with the power jazz trio Sidony Box, like the « Jazz à Vienne » contest in 2010 and the « Jazz Migra-tion » tour in 2011. The band was integrated to the Anteprima Pro-ductions catalog and played a lot in Europe on festivals and clubs in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Ljubljana, Prague, Bern, Lausanne, Gent, To-rino, Roma, Amsterdam, Brema, Roccella, Bari… sharing stages with great artists like Ron Carter, Dave Holland, Tigran Hamasyan, Magma, among others…
He recorded four internationally acclaimed albums with this trio and performed collaborations with bassist Meshell N’Dgeocello, sax-ophonist Émile Parisien, guitarist Hasse Poulsen and trombonist Gianluca Petrella.
Elie also plays in a bunch of projects with France based musicians like Will Guthrie, Joachim Florent, Nelson Veras, Florian Chaigne, Julien Vinçonneau, Gweltaz Hervé, François Badeau… He is mem-ber of the 1name4acrew collective.

In USA, he starts collaborations with philadelphian improvisers like Jack Wright, Alban Bailly and Flandrew Fleisenberg.