Blaž Švagan

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Blaž Švagan is a saxophonist/composer/producer from Maribor. He studied music at KONSE in Klagenfurt with Prof. Erian, and he also participated in many music workshops (with George Garzone, Melissa Aldana, Joe Sanders, Gregory Hutchinson, Gary Bartz, etc.). In 2016, he received the Jazzon Award for the best jazz composition at Jazzinty (Novo Mesto). In 2017, he founded his own trio, with which he performed regularly until 2021. In January 2022, he recorded his debut album Sound in Time. Blaž’s other more important project, which is directed a bit more into popular waters, is called Multiversal, where Grammy winner Johnathan Hoard also participated. The song “Back to You” was chosen as the song of the week on Val 202, and the most high-profile Multiversal event recently was the performance on the “Prva vrsta” show in November 2022.

Blaž also participated with many internationally renowned musicians such as Marko Churchetz, Alec Orea, Vladimir Kostadinović, Stefan Bartus, Grgur Savić, and many more.