Anton Sconosciuto

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Anton Sconosciuto is a drummer and composer, now living in Rome, born in London but raised since he was a child in Siena, Italy from an Italian/German family. After picking up his first instruments at the age of 8, he started many hometown collaborations when he was 15 years old, while completing a bachelor diploma at Siena Jazz University, where he discovered and developed his practice of composition and improvisation. He already took part, as a drummer, composer or arranger in various Italian and international acts, such as his own self-named project (Anton Sconosciuto), experimental/electronic duo alongside guitarist and producer Konstantin Gukov ‘SpinnstDu?’, Koko Moon, Vera Di Lecce, Orelle, Adult Matters, Oga Magoga and Kostja. He played, as drummer and sideman, in many festivals and venues throughout Italy, Europe and America during the past year (i.e. SXSW, New Colossus Festival, Seagaze – Seattle, Reeperbahn Festival, SEI Festival and others).

His music goes along his passions, which flow from the 60’s and 70’s to alt-folk/indie rock artists such as Mac DeMarco and Andy Shauf, while also being influenced by jazz and electronic music.

He won the first prize in national competition Rock Contest Controradio in 2021 and was inserted by in it’s “100 names of italian music for 2021” list.
He released his first Album, ‘To Make Room’, on Coypu Records/Pluma Dischi (Irma Records)in May 2023, and the record was again inserted in’s ‘Best Albums of 2023’ list.