Andrea Bambini

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Andrea Bambini, born in Pisa, developed an early interest in music through piano lessons as a child. 

However, his musical education took a decidedly non-linear form and during his pre-adolescence, he began experimenting with a cheap DJ console. Years later, his father gave him a Korg Electribe drum machine which sparked his interest in live electronics and music production, leading him to incorporate software like Fruity Loops and Ableton Live into his creative process. In his teens, he returned to private piano lessons with a focus on jazz and improvisation, eventually studying at the prestigious SienaJazz University where he graduated with honors.

He’s now a pianist, composer, producer, and DJ based in Berlin:
Pianist, composer, and leader of the jazz septet MR NOE, where he plays with the meaning of tradition, simultaneously assuming and betraying the “archetypal forms” of jazz. (EP released, LIVE AT GIARDINO SCOTTO by AUT Records). 

Producer and DJ in the electronic solo project 5299NOIR, through which he approaches post-genre, ambient-noise, and club sounds. (Self-released album: “trying to be born before dying”).
He’s also sidemen on synthesizer for singer-songwriter artist Anton Sconosciuto (winner of ControRadio’s Rock Contest 2021 award and with whom he has released several singles) and the hip-hop/future-jazz band Family Conflict.