Alexis Persigan

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After obtaining a degree in musical studies and Classical trombone in the Conservatory of Nantes (France), Alexis Persigan was ad-mitted to the Conservatory of Tours, where he studied composition and to « Jazz à Tours », the Jazz studies department of the Con-servatory. He completed both degrees in 2010.
Alexis plays in a variety of styles with such formations as Air Brigitte (an electric Jazz quartet), Tower-Bridge (Marc Ducret), Fastorgan (an improvisational music trio), Oblik (improvisational Jazz, on the album Order/Disorder, 2014), Les Pompiers (incendiary Jazz), Je-richo Sinfonia (the orchestra formation of the musicians collective Tricollectif) and the Balkanic Orkestar.
Alexis is currently a member of the Capsul collective and plays reg-ularly with many musicians.