Alex Bayer

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Alex Bayer is a German bass player, composer, and improviser. As an artist whose musical taste defies any kind of categorization, he loves playing expressive music that touches the borders of jazz and contemporary improvised music. He studied double bass and electric bass in Nurenberg with Prof. Rudi Engel and Christian Diener. After that he continued his studies with leading Jazz bassists such as Mark Dresser, Drew Gress, Mark Helias, Trevor Dunn, Kai Eckhardt and Skuli Sverrissson.
Besides being a sought after sideman for bands such as the Volker Heuken Sextett and the Monika Roscher Big Band, Alex Bayer leads his own groups and has released several albums with his compositions.
Through many gigs Alex Bayer had the fortune to share the stage with a lot great artists, namely Nils Wogram, Jim Black. Nduduzo Makhatini, John Schröder, Stefan Karl Schmid, Rudi Mahall, Oli Steidle, Loren Stillman, Johannes Ludwig, Heid Bayer, Ronny Graupe, Peter van Huffel, Peter Ewald, Peter Fulda, Bill Elgart, Roland Neffe, Joerg Widmoser, Tino Derado, Danny Dziuk, Ofrin, Tobias Hofmann, Christof Tewes, Daniel Prätzlich, and Tobias Christl among many others.